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Amritsar, Sikhism, and the Golden Temple 

 Amritsar, located in Punjab, is home to  the Golden Temple, center of the Sikh religion in India.  Sikhism is the fifth largest religion with upwards of 30 million members worldwide.


Before entering the temple everyone must removes shoes, cover their head, and walk through a channel of water (supposedly to cleanse feet).  Once through the main entrance, a striking complex unfolds, including several large Victorian looking buildings, a giant pool of water and temple itself.  Thousands of pilgrims enter the temple everyday, some to visit and some to volunteer their services.  All Sikhs are expected to volunteer at the temple at some point in their lives.


Everyday more than 40,000 meals are prepared in huge kitchens and offered for free to the pilgrims. Sikhs use the term Langar which means free food for everyone no matter what race, color, or religion._SLT3318 _SLT3191 _SLT3216 _SLT3222 _SLT3185


Sikhs believe in equality for all, and follow the words written in the book called the Guru Granth Shib.